best 5 Things To Do On The Internet With Friends When You’re Feeling Lonely


2. Play “20 Questions” by thinking of your favorite celebs and forcing them to guess who’s on your mind.

If you’re not sure how to get started, head to IMDb and peruse the celebrity birthdays for that day to inspire your guessing game. But no cheating! If that becomes tiresome, head over to Akinator and see if your combined prowess can stump the computer instead.

3. Reminisce about your crushes from grade school by seeing what they’re up to on social media.


When with an old friend, it’s easy to become nostalgic. But whatever happened to that person you were obsessed with in sixth grade, anyway? Thanks to social media, they’re probably just a few clicks away! See what they’ve been up to (and if they’ve aged as well as you obviously have).