Protect Your Privacy On Facebook? This ‘Kill-Switch’ May Help.


It’s not a popular setting but it’s becoming more well-known.

As Facebook faces questions about how it protects user data — and prepares for testimony on Capitol Hill — users are looking for ways that they can better protect themselves on the platform by searching for information on how to change their Facebook privacy settings. Luckily, at least part of the solution may be pretty simple: as Business Insider reports, there’s a “kill-switch” that has the ability to prevent apps from accessing your data.

Most Facebook users knowingly or unknowingly give up a ton of data on themselves when they use Facebook in connection with apps and websites they visit. But some eagle-eyed users have found a loophole around that. It’s called “Platform,” and, as, Business Insider notes, turning it off can significantly reduce the amount of data Facebook collects from you. Here is how to do it.


A screenshot from my Facebook showing how to turn Platform off.