‘Sex Compass’ and other apps created by Cambridge Analytica to harvest Facebook data


Kaiser believes the current estimate for how many users were affected—87 million—will inevitably increase once investigations determine from how many people these additional quizzes took data. While we don’t know specifics about the newly revealed apps, Kaiser did highlight one in particular called “Sex Compass.” Kaiser didn’t expand on what the app was made for, but its name suggests sensitive information—including sexual preferences—may have been collected. Another application asked for user’s music preferences.

The number of Facebook users whose personal information was exploited could grow exponentially as its privacy scandal expands with revelations that Cambridge Analytica created its own apps.

“I should emphasise that the Kogan/GSR datasets and questionnaires were not the only Facebook-connected questionnaires and datasets which Cambridge Analytica used. I am aware in a general sense of a wide range of surveys which were done by CA or its partners, usually with a Facebook login – for example, the “sex compass” quiz. I do not know the specifics of these surveys or how the data was acquired or processed,” Kaiser said in her testimony to a U.K. parliamentary committee that investigates fake news.