The untold truth of OutDaughtered


Parenting is never easy, but it’s even harder when you have five babies at once. Adam and Danielle Busby learned this the hard way in 2015 when they became the parents of the first surviving set of quintuplet girls in the United States. Soon, people were clamoring to know more about the family, and they landed their own reality show, OutDaughtered. The TLC show stars Adam and Danielle, their older daughter Blayke, and the quints: Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate and Riley Paige.

Anyone would have a hard time taking care of so many babies at once, but the Busbys somehow make it look simple. How do they manage to take care of so many girls, and how does Adam feel about being the only male in the house? We have so many questions, and there’s so much we don’t get to see on the show. Check out the unknown facts we dug up about this interesting family!

Their love story started at Target

The Busby family got its start with a not-quite-so-timeless love story. While it may not sound very romantic, Danielle and Adam met as co-workers at Target. They worked together for months before Adam worked up the courage to talk to Danielle, but it wasn’t quite love at first sight. According to Danielle, their first date never happened because Adam decided to hang out with his friends instead. It wasn’t exactly the best start to their relationship. Danielle later wrote on the family’s blog, It’s a Buzz World, “At this point I’m thinking, this guy… who does he think he is, ditching me… I’m done with him.”

Fortunately, Danielle decided to give Adam a second chance. After two and a half years of dating, Adam surprised her with a proposal and they were married six months later. It just goes to show that even the sweetest love stories can have humble beginnings.

Being pregnant with quints requires you to eat a LOT of calories

People are familiar with the phrase “eating for two,” but Danielle had to eat for six people when she was pregnant with her babies! Growing quintuplets means that you have to eat a lot of food to sustain the life growing within, and Danielle rose to the challenge. She told Fit Pregnancy that during certain parts of her pregnancy she had to eat an astonishing 4,500 calories a day.

That’s a lot of food, and it wasn’t always easy, especially for someone who was used to healthy eating and getting a lot of exercise. Fortunately, Danielle managed to avoid the pregnancy cravings so many women experience when they are expecting a baby. “I had not one craving ever because I worked with a dietitian and I was able to eat pretty much whatever I wanted to just fill up that allowance —especially ice cream shakes!” she said.