Top 11 Qualities of a Date-Worthy Guy


Finding a date in 2018 can feel exhausting, at times. Between work, fighting for women’s rights, and hanging out with the gals, how do you find a dude that’s not a total nut-job, and that’s worth spending your time on? You might not meet the perfect man who has all of these qualities, but if you can check at least some of these boxes, you’re on the right path to finding an equal to share and create all your memorable moments with.



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1. First and foremost: he’s not late! A few minutes is one thing, but if a guy is half an hour late or more, his investment in seeing you isn’t that high. Especially if it’s happened more than once, and he doesn’t make it up to you in an amazing way.


2. On a related note, he’s chivalrous. This might seem outdated, and you might roll your eyes, but if a guy holds the door for you or gives you his jacket when it’s raining, that’s an old-fashioned trait that (when it’s genuine) can really make us fall for a guy.