Top 11 Qualities of a Date-Worthy Guy


3. If he’s interested in commitment, find out early. A lot of guys are dating with the sole purpose of short-term relationships and one-night-stands, and a lot of girls are down for that. So just make sure you communicate your intent well, and hopefully he’ll be honest with his


4, On the other end of the spectrum, make sure he’s not afraid of loneliness. A lot of clingy, needy guys are terrified of simply being alone and want a girlfriend, no matter who she is! So make sure you’re not just filling an empty space, and that he’s actually into you and self sufficient.

5. He’s confident, but not arrogant. This line can be hard to draw and can often involve a few dates to reach a decision. Cockiness is cute occasionally, but if a guy is a snob or uppity and thinks he’s better than everyone, he probably thinks he’s better than you, too.


6. He doesn’t act like a boring old man, but his emotional maturity stands out from the rest. Unfortunately, many men well into old age can still act like little boys. If he doesn’t have this quality, making big decisions with him and even the little things can get extremely tedious.