What happens to your body when you stop showering


Who doesn’t love a daily shower — whether it’s first thing in the morning, right before bedtime, or both? You wash away the dirt and dust of the day (or night), cleanse and pamper your skin with scented, hydrating, and softening products, and attend to all of your otherwise neglected body parts. It’s a self-care ritual and a comforting and relaxing routine that makes you look, smell, and feel good.

But what actually happens to your body when you stop showering? Just like our emotions and amount of exercise can impact our body, it turns out there’s also a lot going on with our bodies when we stop showering.

While there are plenty of reasons people may give up showering, such as water conservation or refusing to adhere to societal norms, it’s way more problematic than you might think. You don’t simply become somewhat gunky and start to smell a little funky. There are plenty of physical changes that take place and can lead to bigger and uncomfortable skin and health issues when you forgo a bath regimen. According to the experts, this is what really happens when you stop showering.